Public Health Certified Video Sites

Physical Location Video Calling Name Phone#
Bismarck, Department of Health
Gold Seal Center
doh1gs.bismarck 328-1331
Bismarck, DoH Gold Seal 4th floor doh3gs.bismarck 328-5150
Bismarck, DoH Gold Seal Studio 328-1331
Bismarck, Fire and Inspection dfi1.bismarck 258-2070
Bismarck, Burleigh Public Health ph1.bismarck 355-1540
Cavalier County Health District ph1.langdon 256.2402
Central Valley Health District ph1.jamestown 252-8130
City-County Health ph1.valleycity 845.8518
Custer Health ph1.mandan 667-3370
Dickey County Health Dist.  ph1.ellendale 349-4348
Emmons County Public Health ph1.linton 254.4027
Fargo Cass, Public Health #1 ph1.fargo 241-1360
Fargo Cass, Public Health #2 ph2.fargo 241-1360
Fargo Cass, Public Health #3 ph3.fargo 241-1360
First District Health Unit ph1.minot 852-1376
Foster County Health Dept. ph1.carrington 652.3087
Grand Forks, Public Health ph1.grandforks 787-8100
Kidder County District Health ph1.steele 475.2582
Lake Region District Health Unit ph1.devilslake 662-7035
LaMoure County Public Health Dept. ph1.lamoure 883.5356
McIntosh District Health ph1.ashley 288.3957
Nelson/Griggs District, Public Health
Pembina County, Public Health ph1.cavalier 265-4248
Ransom County Public Health ph1.lisbon 683-6140
Richland County Health ph1.wahpeton 642-7735
Rollette County Public Health ph1.rolla 477-5646
Sargent Co. District Health ph1.forman 724.6241 Ext. 128
Southwestern District Health Unit ph1.dickinson 483-0171
Steele County Public Health Dept. ph1.finley 524-2060
Traill District Health ph1.hillsboro 636-4434
Walsh County Health ph1.grafton 352-5139
Wells County District Health ph1.fessenden 547.3756
Upper Missouri District Health Unit ph1.williston 774-6400