Emergency Preparedness and Response Status Updates

Status Update Message
Ambulance Road Closure Information
The following information pertains to ambulance transportation to Trinity Hospital in Minot:

Many roadways in the Northwestern quadrant of North Dakota now have water on them and some have been cut by water.  Ambulances bringing patients to Trinity Hospital will need to check road conditions to identify open routes using this link:  http://www.dot.nd.gov/travel-info/#
 In some circumstances, county routes may provide access around impassible state roads.  This information is posted for Ward County at: http://www.co.ward.nd.us/highway/roadclosures.shtml .   Information for other counties can be obtained by contacting that county. 
In Minot, all ambulances should  use Broadway (Hwy 83) whether coming from the North or South.  This road is being protected across the river inside Minot.  If this road is severed, this site will be updated to reflect an alternate route. At this time, Broadway has been closed to all but emergency vehicles and construction traffic; ambulances should be able to go through.
If a ground ambulance is unable to reach Minot,call Trinity Hospital dispatch at 1-800-223-1596 or 1-701-857-3000 which can arrange for patient pickup by air ambulance from an alternate hospital.