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The North Dakota Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) program began in 1996 and is funded by a state partnership grant initiative through the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The mission of the North Dakota EMSC program is to improve pediatric emergency care for children in all areas of North Dakota by assessing needs and providing resources for hospitals and EMS programs and personnel.

Goals and objectives of the North Dakota EMSC program include:

1.    Improving North Dakota’s EMS operational capacity to provide pediatric emergency care.

2.    Improving North Dakota’s hospitals’ operational capacity to provide pediatric emergency care.

3.    Improving the degree of establishing permanence of EMSC in North Dakota’s EMS system.

4.    Integrating cultural and linguistic competencies into policies, guidelines, contracts, and training and increase family/youth/consumer participation in EMSC programs.

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EMS for Children Day 2014

Mark your calendars – Wednesday, May 21 is National EMS for Children Day! The theme of this year’s celebration is Then, Now, Imagine…Honoring the Past, Experiencing the Present, Visualizing the Future. The North Dakota EMS for Children program is planning some fun events – make sure to check back for updates. If you would like to involve your community or organization in the festivities, email Elizabeth at epihlaja@nd.gov or visit the National Resource Center’s site at http://www.childrensnational.org/EMSC/Events/NEMSC_Day.aspx. There you’ll find celebration ideas, activity sheets, and more.

EMSC Day 2014

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For national program information, please visit the EMSC National Resource Center website:


North Dakota Program Contacts:

Elizabeth Pihlaja, ND EMSC Program Coordinator

Phone: 701.328.2953

Fax: 701.328.1702



Jan Franklund, EMSC Program Assistant

Phone: 701.328.2388

Fax: 701.328.1702




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