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State Health Officer       back to top

North Dakota Department of Health
600 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, N.D. 58505-0200

Phone: 701.328.2372
Fax: 701.328.4727

State Health Officer - Mylynn Tufte

  • Administration/policy of Department
  • Legislative Assembly, Actions of
  • Media/communications

Field Medical Officer - Joan Connell, MD, FAAP, MS, RPh - 701.328.2239

State Epidemiologist: Tracy Miller, PhD

Health Equity Office - Phyllis Howard - 701.328.2439 or 701.328.1502   Fax: 701.328.1645

Administrative Assistant 701.328.2372

  • Londa Rodahl

    • Cemeteries (registration of and perpetual care)
    • Environmental Health Practitioner licensure
    • State Health Council


Administrative Support Section        back to top

600 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, N.D. 58505-0200

Phone: 701.328.2392
Fax: 701.328.4727

  • Accounting 701.328.2392 fax: 701.328.4727

    • Brenda Weisz

  • Human Resources 701.328.2392 fax: 701.328.4727

  • Public Information 701.328.4619 fax: 701.328.4727

  • Public Health Systems and Performance 701.328.2372 fax: 701.328.4727

  • Education Technology 701.328.2270 fax: 701.328.1850

  • Information Technology Coordinator 701.328.2494 fax: 701.328.4727


Health Resources Section       back to top

North Dakota Department of Health
Health Resources Section
600 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, N.D. 58505-0200
Darleen Bartz, Chief

Phone: 701.328.2352
Fax: 701.328.1890

  • Food & Lodging 701.328.1291, toll free 1.800.472.2927 fax: 701.328.1890

    Director: Julie Wagendorf

  • Life Safety and Construction 701.328.4873,  fax: 701.328.1890

    Director: Monte Engel

  • Medical Marijuana 701.328.1311,  fax: 701.328.1890

    Director: Kenan Bullinger


Community Health Section       back to top

North Dakota Department of Health
600 East Boulevard Avenue, Dept. 301
Bismarck, N.D. 58505-0200

Phone: 701.328.2493
Fax: 701.328.1412

Community Health Section Grants Management: Lonny Mertz

  • Division of Cancer Prevention and Control
    600 East Boulevard Avenue, Dept. 301
    Bismarck, N.D. 58505-0200
    Telephone: 701.328.2306 or 800.280.5512 (toll-free)
    Fax: 701.328.2036

    Director:  Susan Mormann


  • Division of Children's Special Health Services
    600 East Boulevard Avenue, Dept. 301
    Bismarck, N.D. 58505-0200
    Telephone: 701.328.2436 or 1.800.755.2714 (toll-free)
    Fax: 701.328.1645

    Director:  Tamara Gallup Lelm

    • Programs and Services:
      • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Database
      • Care Coordination Program
      • Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Service System
      • Information Resource Center
      • Metabolic Food
      • Multidisciplinary Clinics
      • Russell Silver Syndrome Program
      • Specialty Care Diagnostic & Treatment Program
      • State Systems Development Initiative (SSDI)
    • Contact Children's Special Health Services at the following address:

  • Division of Chronic Disease
    600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 301
    Bismarck ND 58505-0200
    Telephone: 701.328.2367 or 800.280.5512
    FAX: 701.328.2036

    Director: Krista Fremming

    • Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program: Krista Fremming , Program Director
      • Hypertension Management Coordinator: Tiffany Knauf
        • Partnerships with health systems
        • Hypertension education/resources
    • Chronic Disease Epidemiology: Clint Boots
    • Tobacco Prevention and Control Program
      • Program Director: Neil Charvat
        • Program management
        • Public Health Service Guidelines
        • Tobacco Partnership Projects
        • NDQuits
      • Health Systems Coordinator: Kara Backer
        • NDQuits Cessation Core Grants
        • NDQuits Cessation Expanded Grants
        • BABY & ME - Tobacco Free
        • State Employee Cessation Program
        • Public Health Service Guidelines
        • City-County Cessation Program
      • Community Programs Coordinator: Abby Erickson
        • State and community tobacco-free policy initiatives
        • Grants to local tobacco prevention and control programs
        • State and local coalition collaboration
      • Communications and Disparities Coordinator: Kara Hickel
        • Media/Health Promotion
        • Tribal Programs
        • Other Disparate Populations
        • Coalition Collaboration
      • Surveillance and Program Evaluation: Clint Boots , Epidemiologist
        • Statistical Information on Tobacco Use
        • Youth Tobacco Survey 
        • Secondhand Smoke Study of North Dakota
        • Adult Tobacco Survey
    • Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention Program: Krista Fremming
    • Community Health Section Grants Management Specialist: Lonny Mertz
      • Grantee administration and monitoring
      • Grant guidance
      • Contract management
    • Division Support Staff: Carleen Scherr, Diana Greff

  • Division of Family Health
    600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 301
    Bismarck ND 58505-0200
    Telephone: 701.328.2493 or 1.800.472.2286

    Director: Kim Mertz

    • Child-Care Health and Safety: Kim Mertz
    • Bright Futures: Joyal Meyer
      • Technical assistance for health care professionals
    • Family Planning Program: Cora Rabenberg, Amy Burke
      • Services: location, resources
      • Technical assistance for grantees
    • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)/Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE): Kim Mertz 
      • Links to FAS/FAE information
      • Grant Oversight to UND's FAS Program
    • Head Lice: Joyal Meyer
      • Head lice fact sheets
    • Home Visiting: Kim Mertz
    • Infant Care: Amy Burke, Katie Bentz 
      • Parenting the First Year Magazine
    • Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Block Grant: Kim Mertz
      • Data
      • Grant overview
      • List of grantees
      • Technical assistance for grantees
    • Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology/PRAMS: Grace Njau
      • Pregnancy/Infant Health Surveillance
      • PRAMS Steering Committee
      • Data, information, and resources
    • Newborn Screening Program: Joyal Meyer, Katie Bentz
      • Screening for a Healthy Baby brochure
      • Parent fact sheets
      • Newborn screening resources/websites
    • Optimal Pregnancy Outcome Program (OPOP): Amy Burke
      • Fact sheets
      • OPOP brochure
      • Information and resources
    • Oral Health Program: Kimberlie Yineman , Toni Hruby, Jaci Seefeldt, Grace Njau
      • SEAL! ND Sealant Program
      • Oral health surveillance data
      • Healthy Smiles Fluoride Varnish Program
      • Dental coverage and care information
      • DentaQuest
      • Oral Health Coalition
      • Donated Dental Services
      • Ronald McDonald Care Mobile
    • Pregnancy: Amy Burke
      • Information about stages of pregnancy
      • Services Available for Women and Children booklet
    • School Health: Sarah Massey
      • Consultation and Technical Assistance for Schools and School Nurses
    • School Nursing: Joyal Meyer
      • School nurse ratio to students in North Dakota
      • Health Guidelines for North Dakota Schools
      • Emergency Guidelines for North Dakota Schools
      • Link to North Dakota School Nurse Organization
    • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Program (SIDS): Katie Bentz
      • SIDS fact sheets and resources
      • Cribs for Kids Program
      • Keep Your Baby Safe flyer
      • Bereavement resources
    • Women's Health Services: Cora Rabenberg
      • Women's health information and resources
    • Division Support Staff:  Teri Arso, Sara Upgren, Kelsie Morris

  • Division of Injury Prevention and Control
    600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 301
    Bismarck ND 58505-0200
    Telephone: 701.328.4536 or 1.800.472.2286
    FAX: 701.328.1412
    Director: Deanna Askew

    • Domestic Violence/Rape Crisis Program: Deanna Askew, Program Director
    • Injury Prevention Program: Mandy Slag, Program Director
    • Child Passenger Safety Program: Dawn Mayer, Program Director
    • Domestic Violence/Rape Crisis Program: Mallory Sattler, Program Coordinator
    • Suicide Prevention Program: Alison Traynor,  Program Director
    • Division Support Staff: Missy Kopp 

  • Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity
    600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 301
    Bismarck ND 58505-0200
    Telephone: 701.328.2496 or 1.800.472.2286
    FAX: 701.328.1412

    Director: Colleen Pearce



Emergency Preparedness and Response Section        back to top

North Dakota Department of Health
Emergency Preparedness and Response
1720 Sykes Drive, Bismarck, ND 58504
Tim Wiedrich, Chief

Phone 701.328.2270
Fax 701.328.0357

  • Division of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma 701.328.2388 fax: 701.328.1702

  • Director:  Kelli Sears

  • Ambulance run report data
  • Communications systems
  • Training grant distribution
  • Trauma system development and implementation
  • Certification of quick response units
  • Licensure of ambulance services
  • Personnel training, testing, certification, and licensure
  • Ambulance inspection program
  • Certification of rescue units
  • Critical incident stress management program
  • Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) program


Medical Services Section       back to top

2635 E. Main Avenue, PO Box 5520
Bismarck, N.D. 58506-5520
Kirby Kruger, Chief

Environmental Health Section       back to top

North Dakota Department of Health
Environmental Health Section
918 East Divide Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501-1947

Phone: 701.328.5150
Fax: 701.328.5200

Chief: Dave Glatt
Office of Enforcement: 701.328.5151

  • Division of Municipal Facilities 701.328.5211

    Director: Wayne Kern

    • Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund Program - Dave Bergsagel
      • Revolving Loan Fund.
      • Plan Review (wastewater systems).
    • Drinking Water Program - Greg Wavra
      • Safe Drinking Water Act.
      • Community Fluoridation Program.
      • Operator Training and Inspections Program
        • Training and Certification of Water & Wastewater Facility Operators
        • Inspections of Water & Wastewater Facilities
        • Publication of the Official Bulletin.
    • Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund Program - David Bruschwein, P.E.
      • Revolving Loan Fund.
      • Plan Review (drinking water systems).

  • Division of Water Quality 701.328.5210

    Director: Karl Rockeman, P.E.

    • Surface Water Quality/Lakes/Rivers - Michael Ell
      • Nonpoint Source Pollution, River and Stream Monitoring and Assessment,
        Clean Lakes Assessments, Fish Consumption Advisory, Watershed Management and Water Quality Modeling.
    • Water Quality Special Projects - Peter Wax
      • 404 Dredge & Fill, 401 Water Quality Certification, Environmental Impact Statements,
        (EIS) Review, Water Quality Standards
    • Wastewater Facility/Permits - Marty Haroldson
      • North Dakota Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NDPDES) Permits,
        Wastewater Releases, Stormwater Regulations, Feedlot Inspections/Approval/Runoff, Septic Pumpers.
    • Spill Investigation Program - Bill Suess
      • Report An Incident: 1-800-472-2121 or Out of state numbers may call 701-328-9921

  • Division of Waste Management 701.328.5166

    Director: Vacant
    Assistant Director: Steve Tillotson

    • Hazardous Waste Program & Toxic Substance Control Act - Curt Erickson
      • Hazardous Waste
        • Permits
        • Technical Assistance
        • Inspections
        • Corrective Action
      • Superfund
        • CERCLIS Sites
        • Emergency Response
      • Emergency Spill Response
        • (EPA) Site Assessment
        • Site Remediation
      • Laboratory/Agricultural/Household Chemical Wastes
      • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
      • Used oil
    • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program - Carl Ness
      • Underground Storage Tanks
        • Leak Detection Testing
        • Corrective Action and Inspections
      • Leaking Underground Storage Tank (L.U.S.T.) Trust Fund.
    • Solid Waste Program - Steve Tillotson
      • Solid Waste Management
        • Waste Education and Recycling
        • Permits
        • Technical Assistance
        • Facility Closures
        • Corrective Action
      • Abandoned Motor Vehicle Projects
    • Petroleum/Antifreeze Program - Leon Vetter
      • Antifreeze Registration, Petroleum Quality Assurance Program

  • Division of Air Quality 701.328.5188

    Director: Terry O'Clair

    • Air Quality General - Jim Semerad
      • Emissions, Complaint Investigations, Inspections, Source/Stack Testing, Odors, Open Burning (other than landfills).
    • Air Quality Permits - Craig Thorstenson
      • Permits, Technical Asst., Implementation Plans.
    • Air Quality Impact Analysis - Tom Bachman
      • Dispersion Modeling.
      • State Implementation Plan
      • Small Business Assistance
      • Rules
    • Air Quality Monitoring - Chuck Hyatt
      • Ambient Air Quality Data, Ambient Network Operations.
    • Radiation and Asbestos Control Program - Dale Patrick
      • Radioactive Materials, Radon, X-Ray Machines, Asbestos, Nonoccupational Indoor Air Quality, Mammography Quality Assurance.

  • Division of Laboratory Services - 2635 East Main, P.O. Box 5520 701.328.6140
    Fax: 701.328.6280

    Chemistry Division Director: Jim Quarnstrom
    Microbiology Division Assistant Director: Christie Massen
    Chemistry Division Quality Control/Quality Assurance: Cindy Auen
    Microbiology Division Quality Control/Quality Assurance: Heather Sease

    • Analysis of Environmental Samples
    • Environmental Laboratory Certification
    • Microbiology
  • Other Environmental Information

    • SARA Title III - Division of Emergency Management Fraine Barracks, Box 5511 701.328.2111
    • Bacterial Water Analysis - Microbiology Laboratory, 2635 East Main, 701.328.5262 Fax: 701.328.5270
      • Lagoons, Rivers, Drinking Water and Swimming Pools.
    • Environmental Training Center 2639 East Main Ave. 701.328.6628
    • Approvals of Petroleum Storage Tanks (above-ground)-State Fire Marshall 701.328.5555
    • Approvals of Anhydrous Ammonia Facitities - State Ag. Dept. 701.328.2231
    • Petroleum Tank Relief Compensation Fund (PTRCF) - Jeff Bitz - State Insurance Dept. 701.328.9600
    • Emergency Response Spills 1.800.472.2121 (in-state) or 701.328.2121 (out-of-state)
    • Environmental Hotline:  1.800.755.1625