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The North Dakota Cancer Coalition is a group of professional stakeholders working together with the common vision of implementing an integrated and coordinated plan, without delay, to reduce the incidence, morbidity and mortality of cancer in North Dakota.  This vision will be accomplished through data-driven planning for prevention, screening, early detection and effective quality care management. 



The NDCC has the following purposes:


1. To develop, implement and evaluate a comprehensive plan through data driven

    planning.  This plan is designed to reduce cancer incidence and mortality and to

    improve the quality of cancer care and patient care management in North Dakota. 

    The North Dakota Cancer Coalition promotes prevention, screening and early 

    detection. Elements of the plan will include:

a.   A data-driven analysis of the burden of cancer in North Dakota and  

      the progress made toward reducing cancer incidence, mortality,  

      and morbidity;

b.   The identification of priorities for cancer prevention, detection,

      treatment, rehabilitation and/or palliation;

c.    Recommended strategies to implement cancer control priorities,

       and to remove barriers to screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

       Strategies are included that emphasize reaching underserved and

       high-risk populations;

d.   The identification of areas that need evaluation and research related

      to the development and delivery of effective cancer prevention and

      control efforts. 

2. To assist in efforts to identify and attract resources needed to implement its

    priorities and evaluate impact.


3. To advocate as needed to achieve its cancer control priorities.


4. To identify opportunities and mechanisms for information exchange and coalition

    building and make referrals for those parties interested in addressing cancer

    control issues that are beyond the mission of NDCC.


5. To engage in any other lawful nonprofit activity.


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