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Transboundary Monitoring Network - Estevan,

Saskatchewan - Burke County, North Dakota

Estevan Monitoring StationShort Creek Monitoring StationRafferty Dam Monitoring StationLignite Monitoring Station
        Estevan              Short Creek           Rafferty Dam               Lignite


An air monitoring network was established in 1999 in response to concerns expressed by the United States about possible transboundary air pollution and in keeping with the United States - Canada Air Quality Agreement.

Network Monitoring Plan * 

2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
1st Qrt 2005 1st Qrt 2004 1st Qrt 2003 1st Qrt 2002 1st Qrt 2001
2nd Qrt 2005 2nd Qrt 2004 2nd Qrt 2003 2nd Qrt 2002 2nd Qrt 2001
3rd Qrt 2005 3rd Qrt 2004 3rd Qrt 2003 3rd Qrt 2002 3rd Qrt 2001
4th Qrt 2005 4th Qt 2004 4th Qrt 2003 4th Qrt 2002 4th Qrt 2001


1999-2000 Annual Report

* All reports require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.