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Regional Haze

Amendment No. 1 to Regional Haze State Implementation Plan (7-25-11)
Supplement No. 2 to Regional Haze State Implementation Plan (1-7-13)

-     Governor's Letter
-     SIP Supplement No.2
                     Appendix B.2.1
                            Findings of Fact
                            Final Supplemental Evaluation
                           Appendix A
                               GRE Analysis (4-11-12)
                               GRE Update (6-6-12)
                           Appendix B
                                IPM Model
                                IPM Results
                           Appendix C
                                Urea Usage Memo
                           Appendix D
                                Visibility Results
                                LCALGRD Results
                           Appendix E
                                BART Costs
                           Appendix F
                                NDDH Letter to GRE (11-3-11)
                                NDDH Letter to EPA (11-14-11)
                                NDDH Letter to EPA (12-7-11)
                                NDDH Comments to GRE (1-19-12)
                                NDDH Comments to GRE (2-28-12)
                                NDDH Letter to GRE (3-8-12)
                                GRE NOx BART Emails
                                GRE Letter to NDDH (11-21-11)
                                GRE Letter to NDDH (2-10-12)
                                GRE Comments on FIP (11-21-11)
                     Appendix C.2.1
                            GRE Supplemental BART Analysis (4-11-12)
                            GRE Update (6-6-12)
                            GRE Response to Public Comments (11-21-12)
                            GRE Response Letter
                            Attachment A
                            Attachment B
                           Attachment C
                            Attachment D
                            Attachment E
                            Attachment F
                            Attachment G
                     Appendix F.1.5
                            Public Notice
                     Appendix F.3.1
                            Affidavit of Publication
                     Appendix F.4.1
                            Public Notice Invoice
                     Appendix F.8.1
                            Public Comments
                                        Exhibit 1
                                        Exhibit 1a
                                        Exhibit 1b
                                        Exhibit 1d
                                        Reinhold Slide Show
                                        CALPUFF Documentation
                                Response to Public Comments
                     Appendix J.1.6
                            FLM Consultation Letters
                     Appendix J.3.4
                            EPA Consultation Letters
                                Notice of Public Comment to EPA (9-14-12)

Supplement No.1 to Regional Haze State Implementation Plan (7-28-10)

-     Supplement No. 1

Final Regional Haze State Implementation Plan Revision (2-24-10)

-    Main Document Sections 1-12
-    Governor's Letter
-    Signed Approval Page

-    Appendix A - BART Modeling Protocol and Analyses
        A.1 - BART Modeling Protocol
        A.2 - Heskett Unit 2 RH Modeling
              - AECOM (ENSR) Response to Concerns Regarding Heskett Unit 2 BART Exemption
              - AECOM MDU BART Modeling Report (12-17-09)
              - EPA Approval of Heskett 2 Modeling Protocol
              - EPA BART Applicability Determination
              - MDU BART Modeling Protocol AECOM
              - Modeling Protocol Dept. Approval
              - Transmittal Letter To EPA
        A.3 - BART Notification Letters
              - MDU Heskett Station Unit 2
        A.4 - Ottertail Coyote PTC
        A.5 - WRAP Baseline Methodology

-    Appendix B - Department BART Determinations
        B.1 - Leland Olds
        B.2 - Coal Creek
        B.3 - Stanton
        B.4 - M.R. Young
        B.5 - SCR Technical Feasibility
        B.6 - Minnkota SCR Technical Feasibility

-    Appendix C - Company BART Analyses and Supporting Documentation
        C.1 - Leland Olds
              - Basin LOS BART Report
              - Basin BART Appendices
              - BART Update 01-07
              - BART Combined Impacts 11-06 Final
              - BEPC LOS BART Combined U1 U2 Vis Model Analysis (1-26-07)
              - BEPC LOS BART U1 SNCR with SOFA Impacts Letter
              - BMcD Responses to NDDH BEPC BART Issues
              - SCR Cost Estimate and Updates 05-09
        C.2 - Coal Creek
              - Coal Creek BART Analysis
              - Coal Creek BART Supplemental Information
              - Ammonia in Ash Response
        C.3 - Stanton Station
              - Stanton BART Full Report
              - Supplemental Information
        C.4 - M.R. Young
              - MRY BART Analysis
              - BART Analysis Supplement 8-30-07
              - Unit 1 Screening Results
              - Unit 2 Screening Results
              - Letter on SSM
              - SCR Not Available
              - Minnkota Vendor Info. 05-08-08
              - EPA Comments on Preliminary BACT
              - Hartenstein Report 07-08
              - Minnkota Response to EPA 09-22-08
              - EPA Response to Minnkota 10-17-08
              - Minnkota Response to EPA 11-17-08
              - Hartenstein Comments 04-09
              - Minnkota Supplementary Information 02-20-09
              - U2 SUP Bact Nov 2009
              - U1 BACT Supp Nov 2009
              - U1 SUP BACT Enclosure B (2-11-10)
              - Enclosure A (2-11-10)
              - SCR Follow-up Response (final 2-11-10)
              - Enclosure C Non-Confidential Vendor Correspondence (2-11-10)

-    Appendix D - Air Pollution Control Permit to Construct for the Subject to BART Sources
        D.1 - Leland Olds BART PTC
        D.2 - Coal Creek BART PTC
        D.3 - Stanton BART PTC
        D.4 - M.R. Young BART PTC               

-    Appendix E - Modeling Protocol for Reasonable Progress Goal in North Dakota, October 3, 2008
        E.1 - Reg Haze Modeling Protocol

-    Appendix F - Public Hearing Record
        F.1 - Public Notice
              - Letters to Libraries
              - Notification Letters
        F.2 - Press Release
        F.3 - Affidavit of Publication
        F.4 - Invoice of Publication
        F.5 - List of Hearing Attendees
        F.6 - Hearing Transcript
        F.7 - Certification of Hearing
        F.8 - Response to Comments and Attachments

-    Appendix G - Legal Opinion of the Attorney General

-    Appendix H - NDAC 33-15-25 Regional Haze Requirements
        H.1 - 33-15-25

-    Appendix I - Four Factors Analyses
        I.1  - WRAP Four Factors Analysis For ND Sources
              - Basin Electric Comment Letter
              - DGC Comments
              - Hess Corporation Comments
              - Ottertail Comments Four Factors Analysis
              - Ottertail SCR Catalyst Blinding Final Report
              - West Associates Comment Letter
              - Department's Response to Industry Comments
        I.2  - 2009-05 Draft Report for Four Factors Analysis Source Category

-    Appendix J - Plan Development and Consultation
        J.1.1 - FLM's Aug. 2008 Comments on BART Aug. 2008
        J.1.2 - Response to Aug. 2008 FLM BART Comments Coal Creek
        J.1.2 - Response to Aug. 2008 FLM BART Comments Leland Olds and M.R. Young
        J.1.2 - Response to August 11, 2008 FLM BART Comments for Stanton Unit 1
        J.1.3 - Forest Service Consultation Comments October 2009
                - Final 10-14 Letter
                - Technical Comments
        J.1.3 - NPS and FWS Consultation Comments October 2009
                - DOI ND RH SIP Comment Encl.
                - ND Visibility SIP Letter
        J.1.4 - Response to Forest Service Consultation Comments October 2009
        J.1.4 - Response to NPS and FWS Consultation Comments October 2009
                - Transmittal Letter
        J.2.1 - Minnesota Ask Memo
        J.2.2 - ND Response to Minnesota Ask Memo
        J.3.1 - EPA Comments on BART
                - Response to August 4, 2008 EPA BART Comments for Stanton Unit 1
                - Response to EPA BART Comments Leland Olds and M.R. Young
                - Response to EPA BART Comments Coal Creek
        J.4.1 - Letter to Tribal Caucus Coordinator

Questions may be addressed to the North Dakota Department of Health at 701.328.5188, or email Tom Bachman.