Emission Testing

Measuring emissions of air contaminants may be referred to as emissions testing, source testing, stack testing or performance testing.  The North Dakota Department of Health requires testing at a variety of sources to ensure that specific emission limits are being met and to ensure compliance with the North Dakota Air Pollution Control Rules.  These tests are conducted in accordance with procedures approved or specified by the Department.

 Test Methods

The Department generally requires that testing be conducted in accordance with methodology promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).  Alternative methods or deviations from a promulgated method must receive approval prior to the test.  A complete listing of test methods is available under EPAs bulletin board system at http://www.epa.gov/ttn/emc.

 Notification of Testing 

Tests are normally performed by independent testing companies with expertise in the applicable test method(s) being conducted.  The Department must be notified prior to testing to allow sufficient time for: 

  • A Department review of the proposed test procedures and, if necessary, a test site inspection.

  • A pre-test meeting with Department staff, (if necessary)

  • Scheduling a Department representative to observe the performance test.

Detailed information about this matter is available in the North Dakota Emission Testing Guideline

Testing Firms 

The Department maintains a list of air pollution testing firms that have requested to be included on the list and/or have tested in-state during the past three to five years.

Additional Information 

For more information about emissions testing, contact the Division of Air Quality at 701.328.5188 or fax 701.328.5185. 

Files To Download                                     

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Testing with Portable Analyzers: 

Portable Analyzer Standard Operating Procedure (.pdf)


Questions may be addressed to the North Dakota Department of Health at 701.328.5188, or email Gary Kline.  For questions relating to portable analyzer testing and/or the Portable Analyzer Standard Operating Procedure contact Keith Hinnenkamp.

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