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Ambient Monitoring


For more information, contact Chuck Hyatt, Manager Air Quality Monitoring at 701.328.5188.  

The Division of Air Quality has the primary responsibility for protecting the health and welfare of North Dakotans from the harmful effects of air pollution. The Air Quality Monitoring branch ensures that the ambient air quality in North Dakota is better than the levels required by the state and federal Ambient Air Quality Standards.  To address this responsibility, the Department operates a network of ambient air quality monitors.


   North Unit                                                                             South Unit

  Theodore Roosevelt National Park - Air Quality Monitoring Sites

In addition to the ambient air quality monitoring sites operated by the Department, four industrial sources of air pollutants operated air quality monitoring sites within their immediate spheres of influence. The site locations selected are based on computer dispersion modeling and prevailing wind directions.

The reports below were prepared specifically for two-sided printing.  Therefore, blank pages will occur in single-sided printed version.  All reports require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Annual Network Plan 2013

Annual Reports (*.pdf format)

Each annual report summarizes all sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and particulate matter ambient air quality data collected in North Dakota during that year.  Because of the size of the reports, viewing online may be difficult using dial-up internet connections.  If needed, a copy of the reports may be requested by contacting the Division of Air Quality


Quarterly Reports (*.pdf format)

2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
1st Qrt 2010 1st Qrt 2009 1st Qrt 2008 1st Qrt 2007 1st Qrt 2006
2nd Qrt 2010 2nd Qrt 2009 2nd Qrt 2008 2nd Qrt 2007 2nd Qrt 2006
3rd Qrt 2010 3rd Qrt 2009 3rd Qrt 2008 3rd Qrt 2007 3rd Qrt 2006
4th Qrt 2010 4th Qrt 2009 4th Qrt 2008 4th Qrt 2007 4th Qrt 2006
2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
1st Qrt 2005 1st Qrt 2004 1st Qrt 2003 1st Qrt 2002 1st Qrt 2001
2nd Qrt 2005 2nd Qrt 2004 2nd Qrt 2003 2nd Qrt 2002 2nd Qrt 2001
3rd Qrt 2005 3rd Qrt 2004 3rd Qrt 2003 3rd Qrt 2002 3rd Qrt 2001
4th Qrt 2005 4th Qt 2004 4th Qrt 2003 4th Qrt 2002 4th Qrt 2001
2000 1999 1998 1997 1996
1st Qrt 2000 1st Qrt 1999 1st Qrt 1998 1st Qrt 1997 1st Qrt 1996
2nd Qrt 2000 2nd Qrt 1999 2nd Qrt 1998 2nd Qrt 1997 2nd Qrt 1996
3rd Qrt 2000 3rd Qrt 1999 3rd Qrt 1998 3rd Qrt 1997 3rd Qrt 1996
4th Qrt 2000 4th Qrt 1999 4th Qrt 1998 4th Qrt 1997 4th Qrt 1996


Williston Monitoring Data (*.pdf format)

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Williston Monitoring Data

Transboundary Monitoring Network - Estevan, SK - Burke County, North Dakota